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Suzz McCrea

Suzanne McCrea first joined the University of Ulster art college in 2006, specialising in metalsmithing and jewellery. Within this discipline she enjoys learning new and challenging ways of manipulating a variety of materials, developing a strong interest in body adornment and small scale sculpture.

Intimacy and sentimentality are important dynamics within Suzanne’s work, considering the relationship between the piece and the wearer. The concept and development of thoughts are also a significant factor, often displaying the final outcome as a reflection of her reaction to these ideas.

In 2007 Suzanne was awarded second prize for the design of a silver quill pen for the “Rose Award” held by D.A.R.D. In 2008, she will graduate from the BAhons course in Fine and Applied Arts, hoping then to go on and complete a MA in Multi-Disciplinary Design.